Apple will pay $ 450 million

Apple competition is guilty of having restricts price competition for e-books.

Apple will have to pay $ 450 million (449 million francs) in the case of the agreement on the price of electronic books. The Supreme Court of the United States Monday refused to consider its appeal.

Consequently, the decision dating from 2013 a New York judge will be applied. It obliges the company to pay this amount. The judge’s decision had been upheld on appeal in 2015.

Before Apple enters the market of electronic books (e-books) in 2010, Amazon bought e-books at a wholesale rate and selected retail prices at will, if necessary at a loss. Thus he had imposed the reference 9.99 dollars to many titles.

amended publishers

Apple and publishers had then agreed on contracts allowing them to fix prices for bestsellers from 12.99 to 14.99 dollars. But Apple also benefited from the ability to match the Amazon price.

Relevant publishers Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, Holtzbrinck Publishers LLC (Macmillan) and Penguin Group, said the Department of Justice (DoJ) in a statement. The DoJ said that the publishers had to pay $ 166 million to settle complaints against them in this case. (Ats / nxp)

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