There’s an intrinsic human desire to remain young and beautiful by staying fit and healthy. Smartphones and Fitness tracking devices are changing the way people measure their health and fitness. This is evident by that fact that the Health and Fitness Apps Industry is growing 87% Faster than the overall App Market. The Wearable’s Industry shows similar positive trends, where companies are pushing to integrate Smartwatches into the mix in an effort to bring-in more channels to consolidate crucial health and fitness data. That’s where 60K A Start-up company called I-Wellness Marketing Group, publicly traded company under symbol (IWMG) comes to play.


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“Channel 6 News Report on Telomere Support, and one of Anti-Aging methods”.


A Start-up company called I-Wellness Marketing Group Inc (IWMG) is disrupting the way Health and Fitness tracking industry operate, by developing breakthrough Apps for Anti-Aging & Fitness monitoring. An app which promises to cure aging could very well be the NEXT BIG THING in technology, the fast growing Aging & Wellness and Fitness tracking industries in 2017.

60k is the World’s First Breakthrough App which promises to solve the Aging Problem and reducing the risk of Life Threatening Diseases. It does that by keeping in check the fundamental indicators of the user’s health, his lifestyle and his daily routine. 60K creates a Genetic Profile for the user, based on a strict diet and nutritional plan. These Profiles are tailored Profiles, where patients with chronic diseases, like Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension can track their health and fitness and get suggestions tailored specifically to their health conditions.

A typical Health tracking app only takes into account the amount of activity and normal calorie intake, which is a superficial selection of a diet plan based on the in-take of calories and macronutrients. 60K on the other hand supplements the calorie and macronutrient intake information, with additional information of micronutrients such as Vitamins and flavonoids. It also provides access to cutting edge research articles, promoting the in-take of healthier supplements in the dietary plan. The app also supports external wearable devices and consolidates their input in a more human readable format. With such diverse self monitoring capabilities 60k insures users are adeptly informed about the crucial information of their daily routine.

Health care industry dynamics are rapidly changing in the US, with the introduction of the Affordable care act, Health-care spending in the U.S. is rapidly increasing and is expected to hit $4.8 trillion by 2021. This tremendous growth opportunity is fueling disruptions in digital healthcare initiatives. Venture capital is being poured excessively on Digital health initiatives as well, according to research firm Accenture, funding for digital health startups will hit $6.5 Billion by 2017.

Consumers want more accessible and powerful Self Monitoring Apps as well, and the user base for such apps is increasing rapidly. The dramatic rise in life expectancy is also a huge contributor for this excess in demand, so much so that the global anti-aging market is expected to grow to almost $200 Billion market cap by 2019.

The United States, and countries across the globe are realizing the importance of innovative low cost health care initiatives, considering that there is a grey tsunami of Baby Boomers and Gen. X population who is quickly reaching old age. Digital Health initiatives have a massive opportunity to cease in capturing a large customer base of individuals that require health monitoring applications.



The health care industry is highly driven by consumer preferences; in digital health initiatives consumers are driving more decisions about their own health care. They want to be guided through the system by health care, but they expect to be engaged in their own health, and to utilize tools to self-monitor. Apps like 60K leverage self monitoring technology to enable consumers take their healthcare in their own hands, be informed about their health profiles and proceed with the notion that prevention is always better than the cure.


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