Google closes its Picasa photo service

The US Internet giant Google (group Alphabet) Friday announced its intention to close its online photo service Picasa, to focus on the latest Google Photos.

“We decided to give Picasa in the coming months in order to focus entirely on a single photo service, Google Photos,” the group wrote on its official blog.

He explains want to focus “one service that offers more features and functions on mobile and computer, rather than divide our efforts between two different products.”

Changes for users start to be implemented early May.

Google argues that for those who have online Picasa albums, “the easiest way to access, edit and share the majority of this content is to connect to Google Photos” existing photos and videos will be automatically integrated.

However, it also promises to introduce “a new place to access data online Picasa albums’ content can be viewed, downloaded or deleted, but it will be impossible to edit or create new albums.

Google also warns that it will stop on March 15 the support of the Picasa application to desktop. It will remain usable for those having downloaded before this date, but there will be no update.

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