Google: the prospect of a “real” virtual reality helmet to clarify

Google’s ambitions in virtual reality are growing. So far, the group was satisfied with the offer Carboard, a cardboard helmet at low cost to a minimum experience. But faced with the movements of many of its competitors, the giant has decided to move up a gear.

There are some days, we learned creation of a division dedicated to this subject. According to information Re / code,
confirmed by Google, it will be headed by Clay Bavor. The latter was until now vice president products for Google applications (Gmail, Drive, Docs …) and he oversaw the launch of Carboard.

The team is being recruited. Google has indeed published vacancies (12 vacancies) to build a team capable of designing “several” helmet models for the general public. It will certainly be autonomous helmets, providing far superior experience to motorized models of smartphones. Google will therefore try to reach the level of Oculus Rift (now available) or HTC Vive (launch in April) but if the backlog is important.

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