Heavyweight technology combine artificial intelligence

Several heavyweights in the technology sector have decided to join forces to identify “best practices” common in the field of artificial intelligence and ensure that technology is used “for the benefit of people and society.”

Microsoft, Amazon, Google and its UK subsidiary Deepmind, Facebook and IBM have established Wednesday that “partnership on artificial intelligence” nonprofit.

Their press release explains that the goal is “to recommend best practices” or “conduct research”, the results will then be made publicly available in a variety of areas ranging from ethics, transparency and the protection of privacy to the reliability of the technology, through the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence systems.

Teachers, non-profit organizations, and policy specialists or ethics will also be invited to join the board.

The initiative aims to counter the fears about a development of artificial intelligence that could get out of control and end up being harmful.

Microsoft announced on Thursday the creation parallel within its group of dedicated branch specifically to “democratize” the artificial intelligence technologies, which will bring together over 5,000 IT professionals and engineers.

Microsoft hopes to accelerate efforts to enable virtual assistants, applications, IT services and infrastructures to think and react like humans.

The billionaire Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla boss, had already participated last year to create another nonprofit organization devoted to research on artificial intelligence, OpenAI, saying at the time want to ensure that this technology helps humanity and is not harmful.

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