Obama signs legislation to extend the protection of privacy European citizens

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed a law extending the protection of privacy in the US to EU citizens. Thanks to this law, Europeans may also take legal action in US courts if their privacy is violated.

Obama praised the law which provides that “everyone is data protected the best way possible by our laws on privacy – not only American citizens but also foreigners.”

The “Judicial Redress Act” also extends protection under US law by which citizens of certain countries may appear before the judge whether the US authorities have illegally shared personal data.

The measure is considered an important element of the agreement which was concluded last month between the US and the European Union on a new system that needs further protect privacy when personal data transfers.

The European Commissioner for Justice  is satisfied with this development, which it describes as “historic step in our efforts to restore confidence in transatlantic data transfers.” The law provides that “all EU citizens have the right to enforce the protection of their data before US courts. American citizens already enjoy this right in Europe.”

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