Panama Papers: no distinction between dirty money and tax optimization

The scandal of Panama offshore companies much debate: Some politicians want to take the opportunity to toughen laws against lawyers and banks that help to achieve this kind of tax structure.

The scandal offshore companies in Panama never fails to elicit waves at political level. It is clear that such revelations always falls ill and more in times of crisis. The Flemish Socialist Party, through the mouth of its chairman John Crombez, took the opportunity to get his old dream; that is to say criminally accountable intermediaries that help businesses or wealthy households to make tax-sheltered fortune. John Crombez is clearly banks, lawyers and other intermediaries that create this type of tax evasion and where it asks for tougher laws. It will even propose to withdraw the licenses of banks that help to achieve this kind of installation.

In fact, it is an old dream of the tax administration and especially the ISI. I remember well the former head of the ISI in Brussels who told me there 20 years, it is actually impossible to fight against all the fraudsters because they are too many. In contrast, those who advise them are far less numerous and can be more easily prosecuted if given the means to ISI. In other words, rather than running behind the fraudsters, the best is to scare tax advisers, lawyers and bankers who set up this kind of tax arrangements.

In reality, what offers John Crombez without saying so openly, is to turn the auxiliary professions in the treasury! It just fails to mention is that this is the case particularly with regard to money laundering. In case of suspected money laundering, your banker and a whole slew of professions are already legally bound to report you to the tax authorities without the knowledge of your own free will paraphrase another.

As for the fact withdraw a license approval to a bank suspected of helping clients defraud the idea is even less old because it is simply what was done by the United States, just a few years . A deal was then put in the hands of Swiss private banks: either you deliver the names of American customers with an account in Switzerland or you can not run your business in the USA! This kind of pressure or blackmail worked with the Swiss banks.

But what is regrettable in this deluge of media information is that under the pretext of transparency, dictators money is mixed and corrupt political leaders with tax schemes perfectly legal, made by companies or families honorable. Forgetting also that some of these offshore companies have been dissolved since then and that their holders have been set rule the tax authorities as we have seen in other leaks (leaks) similar. Also forgot to specify that if tax havens, it is also because there is the departure of the … tax hells. You may say that it is the story of the egg and the chicken but until the damage is done and names were thrown as food to the public without making a distinction between dirty money and tax optimization …

Besides this voyeurism promotes the emergence of populist parties who only say: you see, the rich do not pay taxes! Too bad because populism never done well with the truth.

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