Record level of Chinese investment in Europe in 2015

Chinese investment in 2015 reached a new record in Europe, confirming its leading position ahead of the United States with a 27% increase compared to 2014, according to a study released Monday by the Baker and McKenzie.

This amount is higher than that of Chinese investment in North America ($ 17 billion), according to the study.

In these areas that constitute China the first two trading partners, nearly 80% of all investments for the period 2000-2015 has been invested in the last four years, since 2011, the study said.

Since 2000, Chinese investments there reached $ 205 billion, with neck and neck, $ 108 billion in North America and 97 billion in Europe.

In 2015, Chinese investment in Europe increased by 27% from 2014, thanks to the “return of Chinese SOEs” which generate more than 65% of total investments.

Conversely, in North America, private Chinese companies have been at the forefront.

Investments in infrastructure and transport were three times higher in Europe than in North America, allowing in hand twice more Chinese investment in services than Europe.

The operations of more than one billion were almost twice as many (56%) in Europe and the US (30%).

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