Swiss banks under investigation in Venezuela

Switzerland was requested by the US court in a corruption investigation in which banks could be mixed.

American justice, which leads to a corruption investigation involving the oil company Venezuelan state, sought the help of the Swiss Justice Helvetian banks are suspected of being mixed there, was it Thursday at the federal Office of justice (FOJ) in Berne.

“Two US authorities are conducting an investigation into money laundering and corruption in connection with the conclusion of contracts with the energy company Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA),” said a spokesman of the FOJ.

The assistance of the justice sought

Within the framework of two investigations “based on the same facts but different people,” including that concerning PDVSA, US authorities have requested assistance from the Swiss justice who “has not yet submitted documents,” said the spokesman of the FOJ.

The first survey is conducted by the Fraud Section of the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and involves PDVSA.

This section has sought help from the Swiss justice and the freezing of funds on December 10, 2014. Eight banks are concerned by this first survey including against Roberto Rincon. One of these eight banks is concerned by a measure freezing funds.

Help with 18 banks

According to the American press, Roberto Rincon, a Venezuelan oil tycoon residing in Houston (USA) was arrested for suspicion of corruption and money laundering in early January.

The second survey is conducted by the Attorney for the Southern District of New York against the energy company Derwin. The prosecutor requested the assistance of Switzerland June 4, 2015 about 18 banks in Switzerland.

“The mutual aid process is still underway,” yet indicated FOJ’s spokesman without further details.

(afp / nxp)


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