The European Commission has awarded the first contract ‘cloud’ large scale. Number of Belgian IT companies, BT Belgium in the lead, will participate in the European cloud for tens of millions of euros.

The contract ‘Cloud I’ is the first concrete step undertaken by the European Commission towards a cloud for its own systems and services. Europe hopes this contract keep under control storage costs, bandwidth and computing power. It evokes the coup as innovative solutions for big data ( ‘big data’) for example.

BT Belgium, the winner

This award also represents good news for a lot of Belgian IT companies will be able to capture a solid portion of the cloud. This is especially the case in Belgium that BT can rejoice. The networks and cloud business wins in the first batch effect on the deployment of a Private Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This is to ‘compute & storage units’ related to data centers of the European Community via a private network. This contract is worth € 10.2 million (over four years maximum). According to the Commission, candidates were equal in terms of technology, but it is BT which offered the best price.

For the second batch – Public Infrastructure as a Service for a total of just under 14 million – BT Belgium is also involved together with IBM Belgium, Accenture, ATOS and Cloud Team Alliance. The difference with the first batch is that here, it will be the public Internet to be used as a networking link. In awarding this prize, Europe has paid more attention to the quality than price.

The third group, finally, was awarded to Atos Belgium, Belgium IBM, Accenture and Telecom Italia, which will be responsible for developing a Public Platform as a Service (PaaS). In addition to its storage and computing capabilities, this platform will also offer the operating system and database services required over the infrastructure ‘cloud’.

The first services ‘cloud’ this year

DG Informatics, IT department director of the European Commission, will coordinate the development and deployment of various cloud components. In the next few months already, a first concrete set of IT services should be set up. In all, the European Commission received 20 offers from 12 candidates: 7 for the first batch, 9 for the second and four in the third. The fact that there has been a lot of interest in this contract is also emphasized by the large number of questions from the candidates (450) and the number of downloads of documents required (3,000). The procedure was launched in late December 2014.

European territory Data

The contract also stipulates that the entire infrastructure and all data should remain in European territory and that, for reasons of security and data protection, but also to respect European legislation on data.

Finally, a rather astonishing detail about the private cloud: 4 3 European companies and US firms had applied. But the ‘stacks’ technological choices were in all cases of American design.

February 9, 2016

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The European Commission has awarded the first contract ‘cloud’ large scale. Number of Belgian IT companies, BT Belgium in the lead, will participate in the European […]
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