The Chinese operator Huawei is in the US market

The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei would finally access the network market in the US, which has so far been banned by the authorities, assured Monday group at a press conference in Barcelona.

“We continue to develop our range of products and networks. If American consumers could not benefit from it, it would be disloyal to them, “joked the CEO of Huawei, Guo Ping, at a press conference.

Founded by a former engineer of the Chinese army, Huawei has denied access to infrastructure projects in the US and Australia for safety reasons several years.

“We already have good growth without the US market. But there is a big market with significant opportunities, we hope that the United States will not be lagging behind other markets, “added Mr. Guo.

If the network market is not accessible to the Chinese group, it has however made a place in the mobile market across the Atlantic while staying there off of its global results.

“In the consumer market, we are number one in China and number three worldwide. Our desire is to maintain our global opportunities and progress, and we hope that the United States will not remain lagging behind other regions, “insisted the CEO of Huawei.

Guo Ping also recalled that represent the opportunity tomorrow to the 5G Huawei, noting that the challenge will be to “manage 100 billion connectivities among them the connections between human will represent only 10% of the total.”

“Tomorrow, all industries will be integrated on a single network. We must act today in the digital transformation of operators to enable tomorrow that of the industries, placing at the center of our concerns the user experience more network performance only, “detailed Mr. Guo.

Commenting on the presentation of Matebook, the first laptop of the group, presented the day before the opening of the global mobile congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​the CEO of the Chinese giant explained that the “MWC had the opportunity to Matebook introduce our new, future P9 (next smartphone of the group, Ed), will follow on another occasion. ”

The CEO of the Chinese phone giant was speaking Monday at a press conference on the sidelines of MWC, during which the group based in Shenzhen presented its two first computer in a tablet and notebook.

The manufacturer, became world number three in the sector behind South Korea’s Samsung and Apple US, saw its sales increase by 53% in the last quarter of 2015, compared to 2014, the fastest growing sector in the market slows according to Gartner, to become the world number three with 7.3% market share at the end of the year.

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