The SIX Group achieved record earnings

The profit surge was due to the realization of an exceptional gain related to the sale of shares in STOXX Indexium and joint ventures.

The Zurich group that manages the financial infrastructure of the Swiss financial center, particularly the Swiss Exchange, has nearly tripled its net profit compared to 2014, bringing it to 713.7 million francs, because of an element extraordinary.

The profit surge was due in fact by making a special gain related to the sale last summer shares in joint ventures and Indexium STOXX with Deutsche Börse, SIX reported in a statement. These operations helped to garner a product of 464.3 million francs.

Operating income before interest and taxes (EBIT) for its share surged 163.1% in 2015 year on year to 762.9 million francs. Adjusted for the impact of the sale to Deutsche Börse shares in STOXX Indexium, in a transaction to 650 million, it was up 7.8% contained at 286.1 million.

Paying diversification

“SIX closed an outstanding year in 2015 with record earnings,” was pleased to reporters in Zurich Urs Rüegsegger, its chief executive. “In our business to” overseas, we felt the “impact of the strong franc on the« s sales made in foreign currencies. ”

“The fact that all sectors’ activities have again increased after adjustment for currency effects appear very encouraging,” said Urs Rüegsegger.

“In recent years we have systematically focused our strategy on diversification of the model” business, which allowed us to “expand our revenue streams and reduce our vis-à-dependence of some sectors’ activity and markets . C ‘is an approach that pays off, “noted the CEO.

floor rate

The market turmoil after the abandonment of the current “euro floor, 15 January 2015, have had various impacts on operations. Thus, the strong Swiss franc had a negative impact on the products ‘operating sectors’ activity related to financial information and payment transactions.

Trading activities in securities and post-trade, however, have benefited from increased volumes. In “Overall, the products’ operation increased 0.5% to 1.81 billion francs. Adjusted for currency effects, growth was 5.6%.

The share of revenue generated abroad fell slightly, losing 1.4 points in one year to 36.1%, due to the strong franc. About a quarter of total sales comes from “Austria and Luxembourg, both of which now are among the domestic markets of the payment services sector.

special dividend

All SIX activities have been strong pressure on margins and costs. One aspect that has led to greater fiscal discipline, with spending down 2.6% to 1.53 billion francs.

For the record, the group decided the payment of an extraordinary dividend for 2015 of 400.2 million, or 20.50 francs per share, due to “the excellent situation of liquidity and capital.” The ordinary dividend is meanwhile proposed to 8.25 francs, against 8 francs in 2014.

SIX points out that the beginning of 2016 was marked by sometimes pronounced market turbulence. Many political and economic challenges n “have still not found a solution and continue to” influence markets, which suggests a continued volatility.

Focus on innovation

The Group continues to focus its strategy and is determined to continue its systematic management of “innovation. It remains perfectly prepared to deal with the “regulatory environment, technological and economic demanding, according to Urs Rüegsegger.

Besides the Swiss Exchange (trading and securities settlement), SIX is active in the financial information and payment transactions (eg in connection with credit and debit cards). The group, which employs 4,000 people, is owned by its users, that is to say, about 140 banks of various sizes. (Ats / nxp)

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