The stars do not want to hear about streaming

If the Beatles, AC / DC or Led Zeppelin are available in streaming, some stars continue to resistance as Taylor Swift, Neil Young, Prince.

Adele also refused to streaming her latest album, “25”, released this fall even if the previous two are available on platforms.

Result or not? British diva has panicked sales counters: according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Ifpi), it is the artist who sold the most records in the world in 2015.

Another regular at the top spot of the charts, American Taylor Swift refused to streaming on Spotify album “1989” released in 2014. She did not want that one can listen to a free disk, allowing the Swedish site free access supported by advertising. Swift had then decided to “stream” at Apple after the mark was accepted better the reward.

Goldman and also Cabrel

The folk legend Neil Young also broke in 2015 with streaming citing poor sound quality while the elusive Prince has reserved his last two albums at the Tidal streaming platform of rapper Jay Z.

Other notable absentees include streaming solo discs Radiohead singer Thom Yorke or those of American star of country Garth Brooks.

In France, last the two largest sellers of disks thirties, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Francis Cabrel, also shun the new listening mode.

To celebrate the release of their thirteenth album, last year, Francis Cabrel had explained that it “was not interested”: “I consider my songs belong to me and I can put them on the support that I choose “, added the author of” I love him to death. “

Still more catalogs are now available for streaming. Just before Christmas, the Beatles landed on new platforms. Before them, two legendary bands of hard rock, AC / DC and Led Zeppelin, had also taken the plunge.

(afp / nxp)

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