The Swiss watch industry is not afraid of smart watch

The Swiss watch industry thinks it will be hard hit by the breakthrough of the smart watch.

In addition, they are quickly outdated: “Many young people are interested, but eventually, they will want to acquire a Swiss watch.”

Nevertheless, the Swiss watch industry has experienced a slight decline in 2015. Last year, it sold 28.1 million watches, representing a decrease of 1.6 percent. Revenue fell 3.3 percent to 21.5 billion Swiss francs (18.5 billion euros). Different analysts attribute this decline to smart watches. The smart watch launched last year by the US technology giant Apple would in particular played an important role.

But according Thiébaud, the decline is mainly a consequence of the current economic situation. The market turmoil in China and the effects of the Paris attacks on tourism among others have had, he said, a negative impact on sales figures. (Belga / WK)

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