Tim Cook: ‘Hacking an iPhone to combat terrorism would not be good for the United States’

Unlock an iPhone in the name of the fight against terrorism would be “bad for the United States.” That’s what was said Tim Cook, Apple’s director, during an interview with the ABC TV channel.

Cook wants to discuss with US President Barack Obama the subject following the shooting of San Bernandino who had 14 killed last year.

The FBI wants access to encrypted information of the authors of the shooting. Apple has always refused, even after a judge ordered him to help the FBI with software allowing it to access the contents of the iPhone terrorists.

This iPhone hacking software, Cook calls the “cancer of the software equivalent”, which should never be allowed to invade the world. “The issue is not this particular phone,” he said. “Rather, it is the future. It would be a precedent that may emerge in this country nor in any other matter.”

According to Cook, the request of the FBI threat “to trample on the rights of citizens” and would force us to move on dangerous ground which could cause more legal decisions such as the integration of a police software in appliances. “If asked Apple to create such software, they may request it to everyone,” says Cook.

He added that he wants to talk to President Barack Obama and his company is ready to bring the case before the Supreme Court.

Apple facing FBI

During the shooting that took place late last year, 14 people lost their lives. The authors themselves were killed by police. There were two Muslim extremists. Since the debate was a public figure, Apple is facing a politically charged.

The FBI wants to make sure that Apple iPhone can be hacked by force. Now, the iPhone 5C in question here, accepts the entry of a code to unlock up to 10 times, after which all data is automatically erased.

Apple has planned not to itself unlock the phones of its users. As a result, the data stored in the device are always protected against third parties. Only when people make a backup in iCloud that the US Justice can access this information through a fairly simple procedure. The FBI can identify the authors data in iCloud, but the fact is that no backup was performed there for the past 6 weeks before the shooting. Therefore missing the latest information on the attack.

The intelligence service means therefore that Apple creates software to open the iPhone in question. But according to The Wall Street Journal, the FBI is not interested at this case, since there would still be a dozen more underway for wishing to hack the iPhone suspects. The catch is that it is here no cases related to terrorism or national security of the United States.

If Apple does not get succeed, US companies will not sell safe products – unlike the competition in other countries. Besides the safety aspect, so there is also a very important economic aspect relating to the case.

Google, Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter have already rallied to Apple against the FBI.

Below is the full interview with Tim Cook at ABC.

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