Two Russian billionaires are investing in Uber

Two Russian multi-billionaire Mikhail Fridman and Alisher Usmanov, has invested several hundred million dollars in total in the US service controversial car reservation with Uber driver, according to their respective companies.

The funds LetterOne Mr. Fridman said in a statement a “strategic investment of US $ 200 million” in society whose application for reserving a driver causes anger taxis worldwide.

“We believe that the talented management Uber has the vision and talent to make the company one of the largest companies in the world in the technology sector,” said Mr. Fridman said in the statement .

This fund of 25 billion US dollars (35 billion CAN) based in Luxembourg has not specified how much capital he had bought and the corresponding valuation. This summer, the Wall Street Journal spoke of a round with investors rewarding Uber over US $ 50 billion (70 billion CAN).

The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, quoted in the same press release, has stressed his side rely on “knowledge of emerging markets LetterOne”.

Mikhail Fridman, 51, whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at over 13 billion dollars (18 billion CAN), is particularly present in the bank (Alfa), but also telecoms and energy.

A source close to the company USM Alisher Usmanov, who controls including portal or social network VK, told AFP that the company had invested “tens of millions of dollars” in Uber, confirming recent information from the Russian press.

Mr Usmanov, 62, considered it a few years ago as the richest man in Russia before being dethroned, is present in metallurgy and telecoms, but he had also invested in the US network Facebook to debut.

Uber is located in Moscow, where it competes with other taxi services on smartphones pioneers in this segment as the aggregator of internet giant Yandex. He recently reached an agreement with the municipal authorities to supervise its activities still to be formally signed.

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