Use Facebook to maintain the sleep habits of your friends

A Danish software developer has created a program that allows you to maintain the sleep habits of your friends on the basis of only activity data dished out by Facebook.

The tool, designed by Søren Louv-Jansen, based on the timestamp stored by Facebook users of the site or the app Messenger. Like many people go on Facebook just before going to sleep and when they wake up, it is possible to use this information to monitor their sleep patterns, even if it only works with frequent users, according to The Verge .

Louv-Jansen placed the code of its tool on GitHub and explained in a blog post on Medium how he was taken. The control software every ten minutes if someone is online, after which sleep patterns can be mapped. It is then possible to identify some general trends. Thus for example we sleep quite similarly during the week, but significantly differently on weekends.

Facebook is apparently not pleased with the output of Louv-Jansen tool. In an interview with The Washington Post , the Dane said that Facebook had asked him to advise against others to use its software because it would violate the terms of use of the social network.

But it does not mean giving up his tool so far, because he specifically created to educate people about the amount of freely available information. ‘I did not spy on my friends’, says Louv-Jansen in The Washington Post. ‘I just want to make people aware of the fact that they leave their fingerprints everywhere.’

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