Zuckerberg: “Virtual reality will be the most social technology ever”

The guest by far the most noticed at the event organized by Samsung on Sunday night was the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who suddenly appeared on the scene in order to highlight the collaboration between Samsung and Facebook for Virtual reality (VR).

Virtual reality was one of the main themes at this Samsung event in Barcelona. The more than 3,000 visitors each received a VR glasses to the Korean company, while the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and camera Gear 360 were presented during an impressive show in partially … virtual reality.

In this context, he finally was not so surprising that Zuckerberg is present at this event. In 2014, Facebook had indeed paid $ 2 billion to buy Oculus, working closely with Samsung to its VR helmets Gear.

Zuck thus found himself on the stage after a demonstration of the Gear 360. The Facebook CEO will deliver the remainder later in the week a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress. Sunday night, he spoke as he presented the VR as the next big thing in technology.

“We will soon live in a world where everyone can participate in things like he was there personally,” he said. “Imagine you could find yourself with friends around a campfire and at any time. You can organize an event anywhere in the world. All these things will soon be perfectly possible.”

“This is why Facebook relies as much on virtual reality,” added the CEO. “Because we hope that we can in the shortest possible time to provide this kind of social experiences. The VR is the most social technology available. You will not be passive along the sideline, but you will be a participant active.”

Zuckerberg also announced that it will in a few weeks his video broadcast technology 360 on the Gear VR.

It’s Zuckerberg that the rest was the star of the Samsung event. After arriving on the scene, hundreds of photographers and cameramen rushed indeed to the square podium erected in the center of the room, where he was perched.

Though Zuck finished his speech very professionally. Public response speaks volumes in any case on the aura now benefits the Facebook founder.

The result was that Zuckerberg left the podium with sweat rings under the armpits. On the eve of Mobile World Congress, we only talked about him in the aisles and significantly less new devices.

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